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On impact, why beer turns foamy?

On impact, why beer turns foamy?

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27 Jan 2014

After a deep long study by researchers to find the reason why beer turns from a liquid to a foamy state when a bottle is trembled bumped against another or poured into a glass, they have revealed the physical phenomenon behind it. It is a process with three well-defined phases, said the scientists at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M). In the first phase expansion and compression waves appears which causes the gas cavities (bubbles) to burst at the bottom of the bottle. In second phase the bubbles break into even smaller ones and small balls of form are formed. As the bubbles weigh less than the liquid surrounding them, in the last phase, these bubbles move to the surface so rapidly that the final result can lead to an explosion. The phases were explained by Javier Rodríguez, professor in UC3M’s Department of Thermal and Fluids Engineering. The study was carried out in collaboration with the Institute Jean le Rond D’Alembert and the University Pierre et Marie Curie. According to the study, the foam appears because of high concentration of carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages.