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Hydrogen economy-Our sustainable future.

Hydrogen economy-Our sustainable future.

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02 Apr 2014

There is a diversity of fuels out there. But in terms of clean, sustainable fuels, there are only two key technologies: electric cars and hydrogen cars. Electric cars are good for shorter, urban drives, while he thinks hydrogen cars are better for larger vehicles and over longer distances.

Hydrogen combined with oxygen in fuel cells creates the electricity that drives the car itself, with the output being water vapor. As hydrogen and oxygen are easily available, hydrogen economy has a great scope in future. They are non-carbon fuels, and non-combustion engines.

One of its biggest challenges is the infrastructure- to make sure the fuel is available when the cars are available. It’s very difficult for the industry to move away from petrol to a new fuel format, and the investment in fuel is normally done by the fuel supplier.

There is a hope that this car will be on the roads of California and other places by 2050. With most technologies it will take around 10-15 years for its development.