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Do you control the dreams become possible?

Do you control the dreams become possible?

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12 May 2014

According to a study published the location of the journal (Nature Neuroscience) on the Internet to deliver an electric current to the brain stimulates the "conscious dreaming," in which a person who realizes that dreaming and can control the course of events during his dream. The study results showed that the firing of the brain waves motivational according to a specific frequency makes a man able to realize that dream of. The study, which was supervised by a psychiatrist Ursula Voss of JW Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, on laboratory studies in which volunteers enjoy the dreams and conscious, which is what they said after waking up from sleep. Planning electrophoresis showed the brain that these dreams were accompanied by electrical activity called gamma waves.

These brainwaves related to executive functions such as thinking skills and awareness of one's mind, but his condition was not known and their presence during the dream phase of sleep. The researchers found that it can asleep to realize that he dreamed of as happening in the daydream that appear by the waves of gamma naturally during dreams conscious and they connect the stream in the same frequency on volunteers during sleep, enabling the volunteers to control the events of the dream and felt as if it was a dream for someone else They Aracboh only. But Voss does not expect the possibility of the production of machines and conscious dreams with this technology, said in an interview that the devices electrical stimulation of the brain, such as those used in the study "should always be subject to the supervision of a doctor.