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Uncover the mysterious puzzle sound in Antarctica

Uncover the mysterious puzzle sound in Antarctica

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01 May 2014

Scientists to unravel the mysteries of the strange voice which resembles the sound of ducks in the Pacific Ocean.

This sound, called "Bayou duck or duck's voice, in winter and spring in the Southern Ocean, but the source of that voice was perplexed scientists for decades.

And now the exact audio recordings showed that the sound is in fact the voice chat minke whales under the Antarctic waters. Published the findings of the researchers in the journal of biology, the Royal Society.

The research team, said Dennis risk, from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Professor at the Science Center in Massachusetts: "it was difficult to find the source of the signal."

"Over the years, there have been many proposals, but no one was able to show that these types of whales were issued that voice."

Like the sound of ducks

That voice was discovered for the first time through the submarine some 50 years ago, and was surprised to hear because of the great similarity between the sound of ducks.

Since then those voices many times in Antarctic waters, Western Australia, and the varied interpretations around among the fish sounds as it ships.

Scientists say now that they have "conclusive evidence" that that voice by minke whales in the Antarctic.

And in 2013, set audio recording devices in two of these whales, and was able to record the sound of a whale that sound strange.

Scientists do not know yet under what circumstances render mink whales that distinctive sound.

Scientists say that solving this mystery will be able to learn more about this type of fish which is not many studies.

And this is not the only voice allas scientists resolved recently, has also registered a low frequency noises, and found that they result from refraction of ice in Antarctica.