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Denmark is completely rebuild in the game Kraft Maine

Denmark is completely rebuild in the game Kraft Maine

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29 Apr 2014

Government re-building in Denmark the entire state within the virtual world of the computer game (Maine Kraft).The redesign process took place in the same proportions in fact within the game construction of buildings that are popular and wide. The government invited users to "move freely in Denmark" and "discovery" of their own residential areas and "building and the demolition of" what they want. Was selling about 50 million copies of the game Maine Kraft around the world. Maine allows Kraft, known as the "Sand Box game," players exist within the virtual world, where the use of the blocks for the construction of anything, from the beginning of the infrastructure and even entire worlds. The back version of the game (Maine Kraft) to the Swedish independent software developer Markus Persson in 2011.The Danish government said that the default maps for Denmark was designed to be used as an educational tool, which lets out in "virtual field trips" to places that are difficult to access in the country.

Flat surfaces

There are no specific targets to achieve the most important to continue to survive in the game.

And give many players especially important to re-design and build sites that already exist in the world.

In the past year, someone designed a trainee at the British Geological Survey team landscapes covering an area of ​​224 thousand square kilometers of Britain.

But the Danish project is more ambitious, re-create the buildings and cities in more detail.

He says a team-based project that the only difference is that all the flat surfaces.

And blocking the use of traditional instruments in one game (Maine Kraft), a dynamite.

It is scheduled to be loaded full map of Denmark is available until October 23 / October.