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Batman Arkham Orgins Review

Batman Arkham Orgins Review

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31 Jan 2014

The batman games are action thriller detective games starring the comic character batman and this is distributed by  D C Comics

The Batman Arkham Origins is the third part of the gaming series of batman’s arkham stories.The first game in this series was Batman Arkham Asylum in which the stories start from the point at which the joker is brought to the arkham asylum and he cleverly escape from there and creating absolute collapse in arkham island.

The next game in this series was The Batman Arkham City. This game is featuring the joker and a poison which leads to a threatening in batman’s life. finally he solve the issue and kills joker by an accident

But The Batman Origins is the game featuring the time before the arkham asylum that how the joker was brought to the asylum.

This game goes around with action pack adventure with different features like story mode, challenger  mode etc.