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Scientists watching over the "Earth-like planet"

Scientists watching over the "Earth-like planet"

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22 Apr 2014

Scientists announced in a report published in the journal "Science" scientific discovery of more planets like Earth.This is called Planet Rock, which approximates the size of Earth, the name Kepler 186f. The research team says that there is a possibility of the existence of water on the planet's surface, which is essential for life.This planet is a part of a group of five planets; the Sun revolves around a small star in the Milky Way.And monitoring of the planet by the Kepler telescope, which since its launch nearly 1,000 monitoring body cyan New Year 2009.

Says Stephan Kane, Professor of Astrophysics at the University of San Francisco in the United States, the planet is the smallest planets found so far in these inhabited region ".The planet is about 500 light years from Earth.The researchers estimated the size of the planet is slightly larger than the size of the planet, with more than half of the drop half of Qatar planet by about ten percent.Because of this, researchers believe that a rocky planet.

Cain said: "clearly a move when the size of the distance of about one and a half times half of Qatar. As the planet begins to configure a material similar to the climate of the gas giants in our solar system. Therefore, anybody no later than half drop half size Qatar Earth once and a half, mostly rocky planet of the kind we're used to it. "

Kepler is a small star 186f. And managed at last comes the orbits of the five planets, completes the new planet session in 130 days.The research team believes that there is a possibility of the existence of water on the planet for the orbital trajectory is not close to the star, leading to the evaporation of liquids, and not far away, leading to a freeze. An area called the "populated area".

Kaine says: "Although the star which revolves around the planet is quite different from the Sun, the planet itself, in terms of size and the amount of energy obtained from the star are like Earth is monitored.

This discovery was important in terms of "discovery of planets similar to Earth, and the type of star that is about the most prevalent species in the Galaxy. It will be a great discovery that all similar stars have planets inhabited region ".

But these small stars are usually more active than most stars, as the size of the Sun.If we assume the existence of water on the planet Kepler 186f, organisms may be threatened by flares and solar radiation.And search for planets outside our solar system are inhabited great progress in recent years.

The first planet discovered 20 years ago. And now, two thousand others were discovered, mostly using the Kepler telescope.But so far, no planet is made the same size as Earth, orbiting a star like the Sun at the same distance.And it is almost certain that this discovery will occur with the technological development in the future.The European Space Agency agreed recently to develop an orbital telescope called a "plateau", it is dedicated to monitoring likes real planet.