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Simple things you can do to reduce pollution!

Simple things you can do to reduce pollution!

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24 Feb 2014

We can do many things to reduce the impact of pollution. By controlling the use of energy, transport, good and services, we can reduce the harmful effects on environment. There are many reasons for the cause of pollution made by human and the cause can reduce our self

Some simple methods are listed below to reduce pollution:

  1. The air is mostly polluted by the smoke emitted by the motor vehicles. By limiting use of motor vehicles we can reduce the pollution of air. For doing this, waking, riding and the use of bicycles and instead of individual vehicles you can use public transports. By this up to an extent we can control air pollution
  2. By using a fuel efficient vehicle we can limit the air pollution. Nowadays, there is more fuel efficient vehicles are promoting by different companies.
  3. The prime step of reducing pollution can be done in our home. For example, switch off the light, fan, TV etc. after the use. By this we can control our electricity bill as well as the energy use.