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An innovative method to reduce Air Pollution !

An innovative method to reduce Air Pollution !

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28 Jan 2014

Air pollution is becoming a major issue these days, mainly in major cities such as Beijing and Tehran . one person developed a personal solution to purify the air .the hand tree is a bracelet that incorporates a small filter that purifies the air .the designer believes that ifwhole population were outfitted with such a device ,it would be a solution for the major issue

The hand tree consists of a carbon air filter, rechargeable battery ,OLED display and bioplastic shell .a touchpad allows the users to choose between operating modes and display the time. An outlet and direction of focuses air either towards or away from the body .there is also an option of adding a cartridge of perfume to flavor personal space a logo on the touchpad changes color depending on the condition of the filter and a light on the body indicates the level of air pollution .the hand tree does not have any clasps, instead uses silicone rubber placed between wrist and gadget

Depending on the style, the hand tree may be unique ,high-tech method of self expressing along with a means of clearing the air .disposal of filters and batteries may become a challenge for the invention if there is not an already existing infrastructure to recycle the components .it is an innovative to reduce air pollution and improve air quality