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Are Diamonds Really Rare?

Are Diamonds Really Rare?

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17 Aug 2014

When you stroll into an adornments store and see all the jewels in the greater part of the different settings that are available to be purchased, it is hard to understand that precious stones are for sure uncommon. Most individuals don't even stop to consider how that jewel came to be sitting in that gem dealer's case! There is a considerable amount of work that is carried out before a precious stone is prepared to offer to the overall population! 

For each one million jewels that are mined, one and only will be observed that is a quality one caret precious stone. Keeping in mind the end goal to discover a two caret precious stone, around five million jewels must be mined. More than two hundred tons of mineral must be mined to discover one little precious stone, and, after its all said and done, more than 80% of the jewels that are mined are just useful for modern use, for example, precious stone bores. 

In this way, whenever you visit your nearby gems store, ask to see the one carat jewels. You ought to take a gander at this precious stone with new gratefulness – realizing that it really is one in a million