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Launch of the first mobile phone for the blind in the British market

Launch of the first mobile phone for the blind in the British market

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19 May 2014

Onfon British company launched what it called the first phone Braille, works the same way for the printing of Braille for the blind, in the world.

Designed interface and the back using the methods of printing the third dimension and can be customized according to the user's desire some mobile phone companies have designed phones Braille before, but says that Onfon Hatvhaaljdid is the first of its kind to be put on the market. The idea of ​​the phone that the company printed in Braille keys on your phone to be written text on the keys prominent for those who can read to read this way.

The new phone is available in the British market only and sells for 60 pounds sterling. According to the inventor of the telephone Braille, Tom Sandrland, who helped the use of printing the third dimension to reduce the manufacturing cost? He added that the "Print the third dimension provides a fast and low-cost manufacturing operation keys personally suited according to the user's desire."This phone is designed to provide an immediate connection between the blind person and their friends and family.

Touch screen

The Onfon had been issued in 2012, what is known as a phone works prints the third dimension in part. After one year, the company designed a copy of this phone for kids called it Frstvon, a credit card-sized phone and provider of programmable keys for important communications.The versions are the basis on which it was launched Onfon Braille small size and cheerful colors. Sandrland told the BBC that "the phone Configurable personal, as provided Bmuftahin or four keys printed in Braille, which pre-programmed to connect with friends, family and caregivers and emergency services.

He added that "This is the first of its kind phone provider keys printed in the third dimension readers can deal with them in Braille. We can print text and place it prominently on the key. Still do not patent a phone print the third dimension of our being Alstgel."Customers can also get a special design with all of them through the manufacturer's web site. Nevertheless, the new phone is the most expensive among the three versions produced by the company, as it can fetch up to 60 pounds while former Editions sold compared to 40 and 50 pounds.

Although this phone is the first phone works in Braille poses markets, the idea is not new at all. The Indian company has manufactured Ke smart phone supported Braille in 2013., And the phone is equipped with a flat-screen-pressure control in addition to the tools to monitor the reaction, or so-called "touch screen" and issued a whistle or vibrating after receiving specific orders. However, it is possible not to see the blind of mobile phone users need to those new handsets due to the presence of applications such as Foasaoffr provided by Apple, which is more sophisticated. And Foasaoffr is a screen reader application allows the user to browse the smart phone through controls rely on gestures. There are also a number of applications available in the Apple Store and Google Play allows the blind to read easier for the phone screen.