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Things to do when you buy a new phone!

Things to do when you buy a new phone!

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19 Sep 2014

1.       Getting fed up and wondering why you brought your old phone in first place.

2.       Looking for new mobiles on the net.

3.       Asking your friends about their moblies and features of them.

4.       Hearing about the new phone that jus came into market but getting depressed looking at its price.

5.       Choosing a phone similar to the new one in market but with a lower price.

6.       Going and seeing the phone review sites to see what others have to say about your choice.

7.       Scooting over to youtube and watching an uncountable review videos on the phone and admiring your choice.

8.       Going to a store straight away to buy it or ordering it on flipkart.

9.       Unboxing the new phone and admiring its glory for 2 hours or so.

10.   Setting up things and checking all the features but missing a day or 2 of work.

11.   Spending the next few days glued to ur phone. Comparing how much better it is than your old phone.

12.   Showing it off to everyone.

13.   After few months getting bored of it and chuck it around like a ball.

AND THEN            

The process continues all over again.