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A new war between Samsung and Apple

A new war between Samsung and Apple

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18 Apr 2014

Competition escalated between the Korean Samsung and Apple us on smart phones produced by both companies, where the latest leaks coming from the United States that the phones "iPhone 6" which will see the light in the next few months, will include "a book", and is the property of first appears in Apple's phones.

According to "international business", "iPhone" will include follow-up property of users, where they will be able to measure blood pressure, as well as the follow-up to heart, and to make sure their health to some basics.

The health benefits will be included in phone "iPhone 6" an imitation of "Galaxy s" which revealed his from the Korean company Samsung has provided market gradually, so that will be available in 150 countries around the world during the month of April.

Among the advantages in "Galaxy s" that occupied the minds of pedophiles technology capable of measuring blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, and a global scoop on Smartphones and a new breakthrough in this area.

According to specifications leaked so far of "iPhone" that the competition is getting hotter with Samsung of Korea, and that Apple is trying to include the majority of phones new specifications devised by Samsung.

In addition to "the book" the leaks about stronger and better battery may be provided in the new mobile phones iPhone, magazine "international business times that Apple is negotiating to buy a share of Rinses Electronics", and is one of the most famous producers of lithium batteries in the world, in a sign of Apple's interest in the development of batteries in the handsets.

According to the report, Apple is negotiating with the Japanese company to buy a share of a 50 billion yen (480 million dollars), a share of about 55 percent of the company's value, and make the "Apple" the largest contributor.

These specifications to join a number of other specifications that are being talked about on the iPhone, including the new operating system (iSO 8) which will see the light for the first time with new mobile phones iPhone, upgraded camera have already spoken a lot of reports in another attempt by Apple to compete with Samsung.

And compete both "Apple" and "Samsung" to grab the largest share of the smart phone market in the world, with the dispute between the two companies arrived in the United States, where Apple already tried to get resolution to prevent Samsung from selling their products in the United States, but failed.