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Undertaker's Streak Is Over At Wrestlemania 30

Undertaker's Streak Is Over At Wrestlemania 30

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07 Apr 2014

The Wrestlemania 30 The Biggest stage of wwe witnessed a historic moment on the thirty's edition of wrestlemania.

The Undefeated Streak , The 21 Years Old Undefeated Streak Come to An End By The Hands Of The Beast Brock Lesnar.

The Undertaker was going to deliver a tomb stone piledriver to lesnar, lesnar slips away and reverses to take him to shoulders for to do his finisher F5, and pinned the undertaker. the wild audience suddenly get disappointed, the more than 70000 attendance kept mum and a complete silence was in the superdome mercedez benz stadium at new orleans.

After that the undertaker stood in the ring and the audience and wwe officials gave him a warm reception... and when he way back to the titaron the audience gave him a standing salute..

Will undertaker return on wrestlemania 31... or this is the undertakers retirement lets find out in coming weeks.