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Undertaker Will Return On Feb 24th 2014 (Potentialy Revealed)

Undertaker Will Return On Feb 24th 2014 (Potentialy Revealed)

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11 Feb 2014

The Most Awaited Undertaker's Return Is Potentialy Revealed. The Taker Will Return On WWE Monday Night Raw that going to be held on February 24 th 2014, the same night where the wwe network is launched.the legend Hulk hogan will also return to wwe on this date it is officialy confirmed. All of the are eagerly waiting for this expected return. The undertaker's last match was with Dean Ambross on smackdown nearly a year ago. there the shield assulted taker by putting him through the announce table.
There are some rumors that on wrestlemania XXX, the undertaker will face the Beast Brock Lesnar. Will Undertaker Survives from the hands of the beast and continue 22-0.. Lets see it on wrestlemania XXX