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What is WWE Network?

What is WWE Network?

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28 Jan 2014

The WWE Network ss 24/7 Video Streaming Service owned by World Wrestling Entertainment. The WWE was plainning to launch this by September 2011. But the concept was collapsed because of the fans response. But now the WWE announced that the WWE network will be on air after the Monday night Raw on February 24 2014.

The videos will be only available on 720p and High Definition (HD) formats.

Now the Launch is only on USA. Later it will be available on Canada, France, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong

The WWE Network provides the programs like :-

1. All 12 WWE Pay Per Views With Out Any Additional Charges

2. Wrestle Mania Rewind, The Video Footage Past Wrestle Mania's

3. The Monday Night War, A Television Premier

4. WWE Legends' House

5. WWE Countdown - An Interactive Program

6. Pre Shows And Post Shows

7. Raw Smackdown Superstars And NXT Live On Air Time

8. WWE Library