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Samsung 'plans Galaxy phone with wrap-around display'

Samsung 'plans Galaxy phone with wrap-around display'

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28 Jan 2014

The phone will use an upgraded version of Samsung’s technology called Youm, currently featured in the curved Galaxy Round handset

The idea is that the user will be able to read messages from an angle. However, Samsung plans to have each side of the display operate independently

Samsung does not have a specific release date for the new device, but one person said the handset is likely to come out during the second half of next year.

Samsung unveiled a prototype of its Youm flexible display technology at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Youm uses OLED display technology, and is designed to bring out better colours and contrast with an extremely thin form factor.

Brian Berkeley, the senior vice president of Samsung's display lab, showed off a prototype of a phone with a Youm display bent around the sides at CES. He said the technology will let the company's partners make bendable, rollable, and foldable displays.

Then in October Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Round. Billed as the world's first curved screen smartphone, the device features a flexible 5.7-inch high definition display and is designed to allow users to check the information such as the date, time, battery life and missed calls more easily while the home screen is off.

The global flexible display industry is predicted to grow rapidly in the next few years. Research firm IHS Display estimates the market will be worth $1.5 billion (£900 million) by 2016 and more than $10 billion by 2019.

LG Electronics has also unveiled a curved smartphone called G Flex. The vertically curved design of its G Flex smartphone is optimised for the average face, to deliver improved voice and sound quality, according to LG.