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Smart tips for dealing with a difficult boss

Smart tips for dealing with a difficult boss

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13 Nov 2014

Work experience always have problems dealing with people around you, especially if you are in a leadership and management, so the art communication and interpersonal skills are as important as scientific and practical experiences that will climb to ranking excellence at work.

Some important points in dealing with difficult subordinates some styles in your business:

1. Split: It is that stray from the subject matter of the meeting or focus of study and work, and always use examples far from the topic of discussion, meetings and put forward views for the workflow.

Suggested ways to handle it:

-Focus attention to start again at the same point.

-My approach to question: how is the theme of the meeting, the topics discussed during the lecture?

-Use Visual was write on the chalkboard or a slide viewer.

-Ask them to summarize the main points of the meeting and the matters agreed upon.

-Return the formulation of intervention or asked to draw the main theme of the meeting, especially in the presence of others, so as not to affect the nature of dispersal to other employees and workers.

2. Dissenting argument: These are the forms that might sour you or disturb your meetings with boss, always they object to all you.

Suggested ways to deal with them in your meetings:

-Return the direct enquiry or comment to the group or to some outstandingemployees.

-Confirm the positive points, and participating in the conversation.

-Clearer for her you appreciate her comments, but you want to hear the views of others, or are you differ in opinion and like to suspend the rest of the employees on the difference.

-Make sure no embarrassing her in front of her classmates, it may raise her grudge.

-My face with some tips and blame if necessary at a later meeting and alienates