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What are the reasons that lead to emotional disconnection?

What are the reasons that lead to emotional disconnection?

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15 Jul 2014

Have you ever wondered why some exemplary relations fail? There is no doubt that there are many reasons, but one reason distinctive is the focus of our study.

According to experts, although there are many opinions and reasons behind the failure of emotional ties, but a major cause is usually the straw that snap the camel, and is simply trying to dig up the past.

Men always trying to prolong the conversation to ask more questions about the past, which is not like a lot of girls. While excessive man hates girls mystery. He is not talking about his start, but he called the girl with a detailed explanation of each stage of her life.

The experts warn excessive usurpation, and inquisitorial behavior by some men, which can destroy the most beautiful and most romantic relationships.

The mutual trust between the parties is a fundamental building block in the emotional relationship is establish clear partnership, both parties often choose a date for the beginning of the relationship, despite the importance of transparency in the past and try to learn more about the things over can bring a lot of trouble for the relationship and may lead to obsession with destroying the entire relationship.

It is advised to leave the past away, and choose a date for starting the relationship, for example, the first meeting or interview was between the two parties, leaving the previous folded last year.