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How to express your love ?

How to express your love ?

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28 Mar 2014

Love is a beautiful feeling and it should be expressed in the most beautiful way where words cant . so here are few ways to express your love ;

Just listen:

Listen to every word they speak .this creates a feeling in their mind that you are interested in them. You love listening to their stories. Don’t be distracted, don’t interrupt, just listen. The simplest way is to listen to show you love them.

Random surprises:

You will learn a lot about a person when you really listen. They may speak about their likes and dislikes . so listen carefully to know what they like and present it. That’s when you are letting them know even the slightest detail about them is worth remembering.


Always find time for the loved ones . when you spend time for them , you are spending a portion of your life which never returns .This is a mode of conveying your love


Suppose you warned them not to do something, but they did it . Instead of blaming them for their mistake ,comfort them  They too know they should have listened to you. This creates a feeling that you would with them throughout their ups and downs

Favourite Food:

They say the way to man’s (or woman’s) heart is through his (or her) stomach. so try to know their favorite dishes and cook for them

 Forgive and forget:

Sometimes the very people you love can hurt you the most. Forgive and forget their mistake. This evokes a feeling that you love them and they need you

Hug And Kiss:

The warmth of hugs and kisses are the best when it comes to showing someone you love them without words.