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Does your girlfriend act like your mother?

Does your girlfriend act like your mother?

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12 Jul 2014

Do men like being mothered by their girlfriends? we have a tendency to raise around.

Are you one amongst those guys United Nations agency ar caught off guard by the devoted and chronic mommying from your girlfriend? am fond of it or hate it, you can't ignore it.

Among the numerous intricacies during a relationship, the reputed, protecting and tender nature of girls plays a very important role in creating or breaking a relationship. however in some cases, it crosses the fine boundaries of heart into the precarious territory of greed wherever concern or fondness transforms into ho-hum shrewish or management, expulsion that, United Nations agency wouldn't like tender care, love, fondness and warmth?

Actor Mazhar Syed United Nations agency is chemical analysis thespian Moulli Ganguly, has no qualms being mommied by his girlfriend. In fact, he thinks it solely strengthens their relationship. "All ladies have associate degree innate quality of being caring and protecting and guys do wish to be coddled and brought care of. it's a symbol of concern and love. My girlfriend is often there Pine Tree State|on behalf of me} and takes care of me sort of a mother. I even have no reason to mind it. It's sort of a cherry on the cake. a bit mommying here and there keeps the link going and makes it sturdy, however it should not be overdone," says Syed.

And he is not alone. tv actor rule Singh Arora seconds that and feels that it's an important component of any relationship. He shares his plan of being 'cared for'; "It is troublesome to seek out folks that care most currently. a bloke ought to be lucky to seek out somebody United Nations agency cares for him like family. that sort of thoughtfulness and fondness becomes extremely necessary for folks that stand back from their families particularly sometimes after you ar unwell or feeling low and it's necessary that the opposite partner reciprocates the sensation," he explains.

So did any of his girlfriends 'mommy' him around? "Well, all told the relationships I've had up to now, i believe i have been the additional caring partner," he laughs.

But not all men take too kindly to their ladies acting like their mothers. Actor Ali businessperson feels that there's a 'certain extent' to that a bloke would love to be 'extremely cared for' by his lady. Keeping in mind the sensible concerns of the current lives, businessperson feels generally this behavior may well be uncalled for. "An over caring girlfriend is ok at times; it may even be cute. however i would not like that every time and undoubtedly not publically. Being protecting is ok, however over-protectiveness weighs down on personal area and individuality," he explains.

Well, that was for the fellows. The question currently is; do ladies wish to be 'taken care of 'as well? "Of course they are doing, ladies want lots of amorous and caring," says Mazhar, adding, "It's an area and parcel of a relationship. individuals care too for his or her partners, then for his or her youngsters when a precise age."