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Facebook testing 'missed-calls' in India

Facebook testing 'missed-calls' in India

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02 Jul 2014

Facebook desires its users in India to hold abreast of advertisers. 

The internet social networking company is testing a replacement new} variety of ad within the country that permits movable users to click a button that calls a brand publiciser, instantly hangs up then receives a come back decision. 

The come back decision delivers pre-recorded audio messages regarding everything from sponsored cricket scores to data regarding searching discounts, minimizing information charges for the user. 

The supposed "missed call" ad was specially created by Facebook to charm to users within the world's second-most inhabited country, and doubtless in alternative rising markets. Facebook has quite one hundred million users in India, with the bulk accessing the service on supposed feature phones, that lack touchscreens and alternative capabilities of higher-end smartphones. 

The ads area unit a part of Facebook's effort to bolster its business in countries like Brazil, India and country, that might facilitate Facebook boost its overall revenue. 

Roughly eighty four of Facebook's one.28 billion monthly users area unit outside the u.  s. and North American nation, however the typical revenue per user that Facebook generates in international markets is considerably below within the u.  s. and North American nation. 

Facebook Chief operative Officer Sheryl Sandberg is in India on visiting the company's offices and meeting with partners. Last week, Facebook rival Google declared plans to bolster its business there by developing a sub-$100 smartphone that uses its automaton package. 

Facebook has optimized the ads on its service to figure on slower wireless connections in rising markets and it's up its tools in individual countries to assist marketers higher target totally different teams of users. 

The company has additionally recently opened sales offices in Republic of Colombia and country and it's operating with mensuration firm Nielsen to live however movable users react to ads. 

In early tests of the uncomprehensible decision ads by L'Oreal-owned hair care product Jean Louis Charles Garnier Men, the ads light-emitting diode to a two.5 times year-on-year increase in on-line sales, in keeping with Facebook. within the returning months, Facebook aforesaid it plans to create the uncomprehensible decision ads a lot of wide offered.