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Dropbox to delete old doc broken links

Dropbox to delete old doc broken links

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19 May 2014

Dropbox in order to restrict unsecured access without permission to published information users, links to old documents of the fifth before this year had been released.

Before these changes, any person who is a member of the system to share documents dropbox was would have access to the files, but the information was not relevant link was unavailable. If users know each other and who bdanen this information and links to shared no problem but since there are so many reasons why these documents into the hands of other people, dropbox decided to disable the links that are before the fifth this year have been released.

On behalf of the company that your blog has published a notice that the link will be created after the States was emitting the yen due to a Security Patch that dropbox has added to their systems protected. Still the company about how to resolve this problem, explanation is not provided.

This is the problem by one of the competitors on namely IntraLinks dropbox blog Collaborista was announced. In this post to similar problems in other storage service was also referenced in the name but the company did not immediately respond.

Like many other companies of IntraLinks, using brand competitors as keywords to search advertising. Some of these searches are related to shared links in documents containing personal information about dropbox includes paid taxes or mortgages where the documents are located in and are probably shared by financial units.

How these links can be turned into search terms not covered and anyone can copy the URL address in your browser URL to access them instead of the knife. On the side of search results for specific search engine URL displays relevant ads.

According to Graham Cluley, one of the other security professionals a method that makes this the URL addresses to show anyone the link inside of the published documents.

If you click the link the browser on personal and pass the target server from the Web page and the address of the page containing the link can be shown that in this case the shared document link to address himself. Then this is the link for anyone who includes server logs files to the site administrator and probably anyone else that the desired search abaran will be available.

Dropbox users Business Services (occupational) suggests that limiting access to the settings for your team published a master Activator. Customer service for users that they are, it is recommended that the link for anyone who want to be active and make the link to the new sharing disabled. does not talk about this issue, and show a certain response time. However, this service says Cluely enable the option restrict shared links to collaborators only allows you to protect the information for its users ghraham. But it has announced that it is setting in the client and in the working version of the job and the service default is off.