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Trust your doctors, not Wikipedia

Trust your doctors, not Wikipedia

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28 May 2014

The Wikipedia entry on concern small sample carried out research, adding that they may not be telling the truth.

A recent study showed that the encyclopedia "Wikipedia" contain errors in nine out of ten topics of health topics.

The study recommended the need to deal with "Wikipedia".

And the work of researchers from the United States to compare the health topics that discuss heart disease, lung cancer and depression, sugar on the Wikipedia website to research the medical review.

The researchers said that most of those topics on the site include "many errors".As administrators on the Wikimedia UK, the British arm of the online encyclopedia also emphasized the importance of the people with health concerns first talk with their physicians’ practitioners.


This electronic encyclopedia is a charity, with approximately 30 million theme written by 285 language, anyone can do modification to their content.

According to Wikimedia, the many volunteers who specialize in the medical profession to search pages for any inaccurate information.The sponsors said the study published in the journal "American Osteopathic Association, the idea of easy access to the site has increased fears among doctors about the reliability, since it is the sixth most prevalent on the Internet.

The researchers said that up to 70 percent of doctors and medical students are using the site.The researchers examined the ten of us in articles published online on more than 10 medical conditions cost in the United States, including infections of the bones, joints and back problems and asthma.

We print these topics on the 25th of April 2012 to work on analysis, and found that nearly 90 percent of the subjects were provided information inconsistent with modern medical research.

Continue with your practitioner first!

Said Stevie Benton, of Wikimedia UK, that there are "a number of initiatives to help develop the topics posted on the site, especially the" them "health and medical issues.

Benton said that this charity has a project to gather volunteers for Wikipedia editors to determine which articles need to be improved, find reliable sources make articles more accurate and easier to read.

Benton said that the Wikipedia website is currently working with cancer research UK Centre for cancer-related topics, published on the site, and by medical researchers and a number of authors, in order to maintain the accuracy of such topics and update information continuously.

But he added: "it is important for anyone who is concerned about his health have recourse initially to the physician practices."

Wikipedia also expressed concern about the small sample carried out research, adding that the sample may not be telling the truth.