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Showing rare films of the star comedian Peter Sellers after 50 years of disappearance

Showing rare films of the star comedian Peter Sellers after 50 years of disappearance

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04 May 2014

After more than 50 years since the disappearance, the films of which are rare comedy starring comedian Peter Sellers Monthly. Showing films and comedian Algosairan, on the night of the opening of the festival "South Land film Festival", this is presented by the British actor Mackenzie Crook, a movie star, “Pirates of the Caribbean?"The films were found last year inside a private garage after that there remained neglected outside the office of Film Company in London since 1996.

Crook described the films as "archaeological discovery as a great British comedy."The films date back to 1957, where he tried Representative Sellars through which to put his name in the ranks of the big stars. Although the name of Peter Sellers shine due to the display "The Gwon Show" radio, and at the age of 27 years, but he was eager to participate in the film. He also introduced a series of satirical films, a 30-minute, titled "The Best Sellers Series" or "chain Sellars best."The film "Cold Comfort Farm", which was not presented, but rarely is the first in a series of films, as well as films of the missing "Darth ov they will commit" and "BL Goode Ançomnaa For You" in Southend last Thursday.

Was produced only three films in the series was supposed to include 12 films, playing the character Hector Demoata Sellars and talked with different accents. No canals movies lost little attention to that persuaded Farrow, director of the building in Park Lane, Paul Kongrov, director of the Festival of Films South Land. Sellers continued his success on the movie screen in the films "Cheetah Scarlet" and the movie "Dr. Strangelove" directed by Stanley Kubrick American.