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Microsoft raises security updates for Internet Explorer

Microsoft raises security updates for Internet Explorer

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04 May 2014

Microsoft announced that American technology, that user of the operating system Windows XP, you will get a new security update, which was issued recently to repair a defect in the browser "Internet Explorer”. And Microsoft released a new update last Thursday to repair the gaps, which enables the hacker access to computers

The technology company has stopped its support for the operating system Windows XP, earlier this month, and also stopped the issuance of any repairs to the gaps or security updates of its own. The company explained that she decided to do this exception, after the discovery of this flaw, days after ending its support for the operating system. Said Adrian Hall, Director General of the Department of Terstwoorthy Kmbewtonj, at Microsoft in a blog: "Even if Windows XP is no longer enjoys the support of Microsoft, and time passed, which provide them the updates to security, we have decided to provide and update all copies of the operating system."Hall pointed out that the company acknowledged that with the exception near the end of the support system running Windows XP. Have been reported from this disorder, early this week, was not sure if XP users will receive the update, when announced.

Updates are ready

And hit the Internet Explorer browser flaw, especially versions 6 and 11, and Microsoft said it paid attention to a limited and targeted attacks to exploit the loophole. According to the website, "Net Market Sher, a copy of Internet Explorer acquires more than 50 per cent of the market for web browsers. Microsoft said that the pirates could exploit the flaw by hosting a "special site" is designed to exploit the weakness. If users visited the site, the hacker can use to access their own computers, and also receive the same rights as the original device user. But the pirates need to first convince users to interact with the site of their rhythm as they cannot force users to see the content one way or another. And Microsoft announced last Thursday, that the security update fix this flaw."This update has been fully tested, and ready to deal with all versions of browsers infected."She said the vast majority of users, get the update automatically, and will not need to take any other action, because protection programs and intervention will be charged automatically to the device. "