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Eco-Friendly Fashion Show in Abu Dhabi,U.A.E

Eco-Friendly Fashion Show in Abu Dhabi,U.A.E

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11 Apr 2014

It began yesterday evening fashion shows, eco-friendly events that are held within the "Festival of the Emirates Green " and will continue until 12 April / this April in the " Abu Dhabi Mall ." A number of fashion designers are being taken part and whose designs have been produced in a sustainable way and the use of recycled materials.

Main attractions in  the event is as it is the first of its kind in the region, more institutions to adopt sustainability criteria to provide an opportunity for the public to see up close to this kind of fashion that fit men, women and children.

This offers a cultural experience and awareness of new aims to raise more awareness and knowledge about the ways and sustainable lifestyles among the public and represents the clothes made in ways that green is an essential part of sustainable lifestyles that require application support the efforts of community awareness and definition of anything new findings of the specialists in the various fields related to this the style of the clothing industry .

The fashion shows eco-friendly real opportunity to recognize the public to last designs that have been developed and produced , in addition to identifying the producers of this kind of clothing , so as to help them definition Beneath to increase the size of the market in the state to serve the environment and the consumer and those in charge of the industry.

The festival activities include awareness-raising activities and sports in an effort to promote sustainable lifestyle in a fun way to reach all members of society.

The Emirates Green Festival organized by the company for the reflection of the country is headed towards the consolidation of new environmental concepts that ensure the protection of natural resources which will be held for the first time in the UAE and the region.

The festival, which runs until April 16 is an opportunity for the public to enjoy these many activities and cultural events and entertainment, which will provide a unique experience for both residents and visitors