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Strange things that guys could find attractive on us

Strange things that guys could find attractive on us

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14 Feb 2014

There are few strange things that guys could find attractive on us:-

  • Does it mean he wants to see his girl afraid? Not at all! When you read this article you may find it so awful. But when a guy see a girl little afraid, he gets attracted to you .it gives him a chance to become more close, comfort you and be your true hero.
  • Guys always appreciate if you are well dressed or if you are looking gorgeous in your hairstyle. What is he sees you undone with it? You feel worried what your boyfriend may think if he sees you without a makeup. But guys enjoy it. It gives him a chance to know the real you. So don’t feel embarrassed about it
  • Guys find women that wear glasses attractive. Seems strange? But it’s a true fact. Now you may recall of the situation when your boyfriend said you look stunning in your glasses. Isn’t it?
  • Embarrassed to apply makeup in front of him? Don’t worry. Men are kind of fascinated with watching you apply your makeup. They appreciates your talent
  • Your accent. Girls find it so strange but yes , your guy do notice about it. Don’t panic. An accent can be very attractive to a guy. They will usually think that your accent is very cute to listen to.