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Valentines Day History

Valentines Day History

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12 Feb 2014

The February is considered as the month of love because on february 14 th it is celebrated as valentines day. this day is for lovers, for to love them more to refresh it or to give gifts and all.the valentines day is celebrated on the name of st valentine.if you want to know more about this day you have to go back to the history,

It is on ancient time, the time in which the cloid king ruled the rome. the cloid noticed that all his barbarians were not concentrating on wars becasue of marriage and family cloid banned marriage in the country. but bishop valentine gone beyond this rule. he made the king's peasents to marry those who loved , and this is done by him very secretly. but finaly the king caught and put him in prison from there the valentine fall in love with kings blind daughter, after that she got vision but ven though king order to kill the bishop valentine. but before that valentine wrote a single phrase for kings daughter " From your Valentine"

Valentines day is celebrated in memory of the bishop Valentine