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GODZILLA Returns On 2014

GODZILLA Returns On 2014

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27 Jan 2014

The King Of Monsters On His Way To Return To The Big Screen. GODZILLA A Monster Which Appeared First In GODZILLA The Movie On 1954. Several Other Films The Directors Of Movie Potrayed This Imaginary Character. Now Gareth Edwards (Director) Confirmed That GODZILLA Is Coming Back. The Movie Will Be On The Screen By May 16 2014. The Film Produced By Jon Jashni, Mary Parent, Brian Rogers, Thomas Tull and Screenplay Is Done By Max Borenstein. David Callaham, Max Borenstein Completed The Story By A Short While.This Movie Will Be A Hopefull Movie Because Of The Cast Are :-

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Bryan Cranston
Elizabeth Olsen
Ken Watanabe
Juliette Binoche
David Strathairn
Sally Hawkins

The Music Is Filled In The Movie By Alexandre Desplat

The Story Is Based On The Re Birth of GODZILLA, " This Spectacular Adventure Pits The World’s Most Famous Monster Against Malevolent Creatures Who, Bolstered By Humanity’s Scientific Arrogance, Threaten Our Very Existence"— Legendary Pictures