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M.S.Dhoni is very keen & fit to continue As Indian Captain

M.S.Dhoni is very keen & fit to continue As Indian Captain

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29 Jan 2014

Indian Skipper M.S. Dhoni says that he don’t have any plan to drop captaincy at this stage.

"I think, it's a point of no return with the World Cup literally one year away from now. It won't give a new guy the ideal time to play, at least, 70-80-90 games beginning to the World Cup that's what we would like to have him play before the World Cup", Dhoni said. 

"I understand the pressure, it's not always that you turn up and at the same time, you get the kind of things which give you more experience than the others. So, we have to go through it," he said at a promotional event on Monday. 

Dhoni is the only Indian captain who won all the titles of ICC including world cup.

"I was really fortunate to see where I am right now with the amount of cricket that we are playing these days. As of now, it's looking good. The body is closely knit together. How it will be (in future), I don't know but so far so good," he said. 

Dhoni also added that the team had a bad series in South Africa .Still we will do our best to bounce back.!