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Dhoom 3 Crossed 300 Club

Dhoom 3 Crossed 300 Club

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27 Jan 2014

The 3rd film of Dhoom series (Dhoom 3) making a history in bollywood. The Aamir khan starring Dhoom 3 crossed 300cr club with a unbelievable collection 368.23 crore in just 8 days. this is an all time record set by a bollywood film. Now the film on the race to set the benchmark of 400cr. Era of dhoom continues to hold the torch light of bollywood. Mr Perfeconist again back to the thrown of bollywood kingdom after 3 idiots. Dhoom 3 also crashed the record of EK THA Tiger in online reservation. As the title of Dhoom 3 " This Year End And The New Year Begins With A Dhoom " . Thus we can conclude that the the records of the SRK's Chennai Express became a dream in just 8 days. Dhoom 3 Race Still Continuing.........