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What will be the future of gaming?

What will be the future of gaming?

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28 Jan 2014

we already know about The next generation of gaming i, but what about the generation after that one

Sony and Microsoft are planning for launching their new super-powered consoles . at Game Developers Conference Next in Los Angeles ,game makers suggested a drastic change  — from wearable controllers to illuminated living rooms — that might follow the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Here are few ideas discussed at GDC

Seeing is believing

 Google Glass, Oculus Rift and CastAR are already giving early adopters a peek at images in 3D or projected in real life — all without a TV screen. 

Time warp

Games have gone beyond what’s physically impossible in the real world. With higher definition graphics, new controllers and increased techniques, expect game designers to continue to push the limits of make-believe reality. 

If you build it

The success of Skylanders and Disney Infinity and so on  has showed that gamers want to merge physical and virtual worlds. The next evolution for players might be to create their very own toys or accessories utilising at-home 3D printing technology.

Touchy subjects

Touchscreens have  brought a revolutionary change in  the way users interact with devices, but at times their surfaces provide difficulty and don’t always make for the best game controllers. improvement in technology that physically respond to touch along with motion detection and augmented reality could bring interfaces imagined inIron Man and Minority Report to life.