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Dealing With Men's Thick, Wavy Or Unruly Hair

Dealing With Men's Thick, Wavy Or Unruly Hair

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24 Jan 2014

Even though these hairs are hard to manage these simple process can help you in giving you a little relief.

1. Look After Your Hair

Hairstyle Inspiration

The main thing needed is texture with this type of hair, as it aint nessorary that the barber gives you the style you wants.

We can create texture on haircut through colouring. olouring doesnt just mean bleaching like 'malinga'. It's done in hair to create texture, it will give different tones to hair than looking like a solid block. Black and dark brown haired people suffers the most without texture, 

There are several ways of applying colour: it can be painted free-hand or placed in foils. Try not to do the old fashioned highlighting cap as this can make the colouring appear slightly chunky and, depending on the length, can sometimes look quite spotty around the hairline as well.


The products you use on thick hair can make or break the style. Try applying a smoothing/straightening balm onto the hair before drying as this helps to manage our hair better. If your hair doesn’t need smoothing, still it is recommend applying a product through the hair before drying to stop the hair from becoming too soft and unruly.

ALWAYS make sure you apply the product onto completely dry hair.Always make sure your hair is completely dry before using these product or else it may result in a greasier finish.

As the hair is thick the right amount should be used. However, start by applying a small amount and work it through the hair, making sure you get it right down to your scalp, if not do it till it reachs the scalp.

Building up your styling product gradually , because there’s nothing worse than spending time on blowdrying your hair and then overloading it with too much product 

so now you know how it works.