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Women feel more freedom from sexual norms during holidays

Women feel more freedom from sexual norms during holidays

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23 Aug 2014

According to a new study, travel for some tourists, the great experience to search for sexual freedom that visit her at home – even if for one night with someone who won't see it again!

The new research found from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, that some women feel more freedom from sexual norms in the leave, and become more inclined to sexual relations free of any links or obligations.

Sport and tourism is responsible for the study, But this is not always the case, for some women, sexual activity must be associated with a certain emotion and a certain level of commitment.

The researchers in the study work of in-depth interviews with 34 women in the United States. We found some places and tourist experiences promote "sense of fiction ... While reducing the perception of risks and long-term consequences. "

While some social context unique tourism experiencesvery often have very different from everyday life.

This must be addressed, especially adolescent girls and convince them that not everything happens on vacation stays on vacation, many diseases and problems and dangers can follow sexual activity is not committed.