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What is a True Love Story?

What is a True Love Story?

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28 May 2020

What comes in mind when you think about a love story? A dream guy,A guy who will love his partner forever,But the reality is not this.If your gonna think love is everywhere and anywhere when you have the right one next to you,trust me it is just a myth that love is true.Love can be true but not because you have a perfect guy or girl next to you.But just because a magic that will trigger only when there is trust,honesty and respect(respecting each others views no matter what) and of course,lust.Lust is the first and foremost factor that brings two souls together,people who deny this,can never fall in love.You can be with a person whom your attracted to and when time passes by and you get older and the wrinkles on your face starts popping out and if you still have trust,respect and inspite of the person beauty fading away,you should be still be able to get attracted to him/her.According to me “A Love Story “ can only be defined and refined by time.The more time you take to understand a person,the more you will fall in love and will start feeling butterflies in your tummy.