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Do the right thing, Do good, even if no ones watching, the rewards may come in ways we never expect, so never loose hope while doing so.

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09 Jul 2020

Before I write I always think why I do write or what drives me to do so.
I see lots and lots of people around me. Everyone just living out their lives, and each of my blog posts is related to people I know or once knew. Which i think of-course you may have understood after reading few of my blog posts.

So I thought why not it be about something related to me.

Today is Christmas. Vibes of happiness just kept gushing through the air. But last night was terrific. I respect everyone’s views atheist or  believer. I am a believer of god and i truly hope that my readers respect my views too.

So back to the point. Yesterday’s Christmas eve was the really worst one, I had to see and realize about certain things which I never thought to have ever been seen from that particular person. Whatever it might be, I kept arguing with God to the natural fact of “Why do the good people have to get hurt? Why do they have to loose everything? What is the whole point in doing good and whats right when in return we get treated like piece of garbage?”

There were no answers then, but I do believe I will have my answers in time. But this is the question that has been I guess on everyone else’s mind. We do good because we believe its the right thing and in the end , when nothing good comes out of it, yes it has made me think a lot why be a nice person anymore?

That transition is something I fear these days eventually to end up and become something I dont want to be at all. Moreover the impact it has on me or on anyone else, it makes me think about how can i ever trust someone again. Hopefully I think just like people say, its worth the wait to find out why things had to end this way, but to be honest completely recovering from such experiences are really hard and I really hope that everyone else out there dont loose hope and keep fighting and move forward even if there is nothing left to hold on to.

Merry Christmas Readers.
Have a Good Day.