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Be the Voice that deserves hearing, speak the words that can heal souls, write those letters that makes sense when nothing in life ever did.

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28 May 2020

When I started writing this I wanted to begin with quote from myself. It’s what my agenda about what youa re going to read is all about. I want to be the voice that people deserve to hear, I want to speak those word that can heal an ailing soul, giving it peace, I want to write down those letters here so that when you my readers read this, I want you to feel that yes he does make sense about what he’s talking about and as well as I want my readers to feel my words can be connected with them in all possible ways.

Each of us go through something, it’s the law of life to teach us something when each situation arises. We see people struggling having a bad time, but how many of you have felt the genuine concern to walk up to them and talk to them? Need not be about the problem, be a good friend and let them know they aren’t alone.

I agree in this far fetched running world there is no time, but what’s the use if later on a stage you start to regret the fact that you should have made time and been there?

See your one word can change everything. It can make that ailing soul smile, and as far as I know karma pays his debts you do good it will come back to you in unexpected ways.

Just be that person whose voice, words and all actions lead to betterment of someone you walked past today.

Thank you All.