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Expectations? Well is it always expectations? Can it be something else too?

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09 Jul 2020

Everyone’s been there. That situation or place where people accuse us of expecting and advising us never to expect. In half of the cases it’s right, but there is a other half where it’s never expectation at all, its a bloody damn mutual feeling that the persom once had and that person wanted it.

People, we get acquainted, become friends later and then later on best friends forever. 99% of best friends never survive due to various factors affecting relations these days. The other 1% hat’s off, you guys are spectacular.

And coming back to what my point is. Point is these people they make us feel wanted, make us feel we’re home, we can rely on them no matter what, we do so much for so long, we know it’s a mutual feeling, it’s never an expectation, it a mutual feeling actually, until someone changes.

Yes, someone for example friends, they have a mutual feeling that this person will do such and such for me because that person has been doing for long and you don’t have to ask. But what happens when that effort which caused this feeling stops from one side ? The other side will obviously question the other about this change. The other side will be completely unaware as they might feel like they will be doing everything they feel right or they might have found something better to cling with. That’s human nature 101. All we can do is ask.

Obviously next will be the reply, “Stop Expecting". Wow right?

That ailment inside you. You want to explain it’s never expectations but you don’t know how to explain a mutual feeling isn’t an expectation, that struggle to look at those people and convince them.

Yeah some of us have felt this. Been there. There is no solution, no one is going to listen ever, moreover even understand. It’s just us we only know that pain inside us so move on and you’ll eventually find that someone who will never ever call it an expectation.

I am not saying everyone is wrong. There is a large part who purposely expect a lot even when they know it’s not wise they might not even attain it, but what I am trying to convey here is a different thing as a whole.

Hope that everyone understands that basic difference of what I was conveying and about expectations.

Good day readers. Thankyou.