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A hardest news you had to deliver

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09 Jul 2020

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to convey a message when you didn’t want to?

I’ve been in that place,it was quite a experience,I still remember I was in my 3rd grade and one of my friends,I hardly remember her face,she looked pretty I guess And was fair in complexion and had a bald head that one thing that I remember the most about her.She asked me to convey to another guy in my class that she loved him,he was a 3rd grader too,same class,I just remember his bald head.I could say they were so perfect for each other that their bald heads matched so perfectly.I was so nervous that she asked me to tell her love to him,I went and told this to the teacher(which I was not supposed to do)and that was the end of our friendship,If I meet her one day I would surely ask her forgiveness.Poor thing, I betrayed her.but she made sure that I never got any friends till I left the school.That was one of the hardest news I had to deliver.I still feel sad for that girl????