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The World Without Exams

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09 Jul 2020

Imagine a world without exams or any pressure that comes with it?Exams are a big deal in India.Once you get over with your school education and next question will be what you gonna take up in college and once you get over with that.Are you planning to study or to take up a job?These questions will never end.When one gets over,another one would pop out from somewhere.But just imagine a world without exams and all the pressure that comes with it,what if all of this would just end?I personally have had the feeling a million times that if exams weren’t there,the world would be a much better place to reside in..But still why do we need exams.Just because you get a A+ or even be a college topper,does that mean we are just gonna get everything in this world,So what about the people who lived in the early ages(I mean the people who lived in caves)did they pass any exam or even get qualified.but one thing they did is that they learnt from their everyday life even the basics of hunting down an animal,they observed,had patience and hunt the animal.People at this age need to observe the people with them and have patience to fall in love and admire their beauty and their personality.Instead of running behind temporary things which might make us feel successful but in the long run,the joy of life will be lost,forgetting the real essence of life,That doesn’t mean you need to fail in all your exams and be a loser.The main thing in life is being able to have a talk with eachother without judging ..People in the world often forget this and go in search of peace elsewhere.Seriously,exams don’t qualify you to be a good human being but your deeds do.

So be a great human being and have a blast,after all your life depends on the choices you make.

Have a great day!