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If Puberty Spoke

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09 Jul 2020

Have you ever had a thought that if puberty could speak,what would it say?Puberty for me,was a little tough,I was 16,I didn’t even know what it was like to feel horny and or have feelings towards guys.I still remember telling my mom that I liked a guy and told her not to take me to the place where he resides or she might have to face the consequences,now when I think about it,I laugh so hard that my belly starts to hurt.When I hit puberty,mostly it said to just devourer the guy whom I liked,its really funny when I think about it now.The fact our emotions have to be controlled is just not that easy when you hit puberty,it’s just like a spirit which is so powerful unleashed on you.And yeah not forgetting the horrible and disgusting pain that a girl or women has to go through still her late 30s or for some women even till their 40s,and it’s so crazy how few guys think it as abnormal but just an information that it’s totally normal to have blood coming out down there for a week or so in a month.And after you hit puberty the mood swings and mixed emotions and everything comes as a total package for you to suffer but still it’s natural to have all of this and nothing can’t be done about it so just forget the pain and grab something sweet and satisfy your cravings,I mean all the CRAVINGS.I guess it’s more or less same for the guys except the menstruation part.If you do relate to this,comment what was your experience when you hit puberty?