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3 toxic habits must be warned

3 toxic habits must be warned

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23 Jul 2014

Very easy to succumb to the pressure when going through a phase in our lives. However, the force at this time is critical. So, regardless of what you are going through at this stage of your life, control your life will make it easy for you to pass this stage with less damage.

1. Compare yourself with others: Do you find yourself always in comparison with your co-workers or friends? Do you think that life is better than your life? Very easy to fall into that trap, so start firing provisions yourself compared to those who considered them the best from you. But what we must remember is that everyone is different and everyone has unique properties are similar to ones. You are wonderful with your own style, as well as others.

2. Extreme sensitivity to what people say: There are many people who feel annoyed right away when others criticize them. But why should you take everything personally, may be observed spontaneous aimed improving the sincere advice only. Don't let what people say weigh down on your chest. Simply put, you can benefit from criticism or ignore it.

3. Affected by others easily: Most people easily get affected by others. It was less a conversation that can lead you to trap. Don't make yourself vulnerable. You will notice that you are more influenced by what people around you w