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Secrets to gain positive habits in Ramadan

Secrets to gain positive habits in Ramadan

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16 Jul 2014

Select your goal in the change that you want to configure

During Ramadan highlighted the psychological needs and negative energies, requiring the harnessing of everyone, especially children, who came to adulthood, and are especially suited for the practice of ritual fasting.

Develop important and essential points you must move them to promote ethics in these children. And summarized as follows:

  1.  Select your goal in the change that you want to configure.
  2. Know that you can open from the new positive habits files, automatically shuts off every negative files of this new behavior you want to acquire, and use it to your advantage, people changed by painful positions "it does pain do not learn, and therefore does not change." There is a lack of will, and there is no road or commitment. And us being lazy about getting started, every person has a different obstacle he sees is that with the change.
  3. Ramadan is a golden opportunity for anyone who wants to change, and a commitment to the rest of life, habits change in the 14-21-28 days, as normally you want to dispose of or acquire, and this month the good, but excellent to change habits, psychological and behavioural changes, which affect him this month automatically.
  4. Every day we deal with in mind that determine and control every behavior, and behavior, but in our impressions about everything, our impressions about ourselves, our attitudes, and the reality of our lives which may be caused, and to conduct a file as patience-will-global change that occurs in the timing of sleep and food and drink.