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Makeup inspired by World cup

Makeup inspired by World cup

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26 May 2014

With the approach of the biggest and most important event for this year- 2014 World Cup, it is not limited to the participating teams only but beyond that. To the fans, we find that the cheerleading competition began to increase day by day. Where the fans of each team creating characters and shapes and coordinate outfits inspired by uniforms of their favorite team.  They dress in the cheerleading dressings in more unique ways to encourage their favorite team. The application of nail polish and hair color, make-up also by the fans add to the cheerleading advantages too.  If you are interested in encouraging a team participating in the World Cup and since this event has become imminent, you can see us online some of the methods of make-up, inspired by the colors of months participating teams World Cup 2014 and makeup in favor of your favorite team and encouraging the team. If you supporting team Brazil… What do you think applying eye makeup colors of Brazil's flag in shades of blue, green and yellow will look like it is certainly distinctive?