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talksCM Punk Join TNA ?

CM Punk Quit WWE & Join TNA ?

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2014-02-09 14:02:21

The American Professional Wrestler Philip Brook commonly known as CM Punk was signed into wwe. But he quits wwe due to some issues. the fans were very much upset because of this vanishing. Whe wwe fans consider it as the wwe biggest draw backs. The reason why he quit is the CM Punk  wants to go home so mcmahon cut him from wwe live events. so because of the continues harrasement he is forced to quit wwe . wwe fans will be missing his presence on Wrestlemania XXX this is the opinion from others. But when i contacted  CM Punk he said to me that "part timers are pulling in and pushing away me and bryan "

By the mean time The Total Non Stop Action Wrestling TNA Guy Bully Ray Invited CM Punk to TNA..